Can You Vape If You Have Asthma – Why Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking?

Everyone is aware that smoking may intensify the symptoms of asthma. Nearly 17 to 35%

Everyone is aware that smoking may intensify the symptoms of asthma. Nearly 17 to 35% of people with asthma smoke tobacco despite knowing that it triggers the attack. For people who are looking for an alternative to cigarettes, vaping is a safe option.

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About asthma

It is one of the chronic diseases characterized by narrowing down of airways and airway inflammation. This condition makes the airway hyper-responsive to environmental issues.


The most common symptoms of asthma include:

  • Breathing problem
  • Chest tightness
  • Cough
  • Wheezing

Risks of causing asthma

The particular cause of getting asthma is unknown, but it is believed that the disease is caused due to a combination of environmental and genetic risk factors. However, whether vaping can cause asthma or not is unclear.

Is vaping CBD safe for people with asthma?

There are not any pieces of evidence that suggest e-cigarette is less harmful compared to smoking tobacco. In case you want to quit smoking cigarettes, vaping is safer up to 95%. If you failed at using nicotine replacement options, then vaping is the safe option.

How passive vaping affect asthma?

The research studies on the effect of passive vaping on asthma are continuing. A few early studies found that no health risks found of passive vaping. People with asthma find their lungs irritated due to various environmental factors, including pollution, dirt, dust, and maybe vapor.

In case you stay with those who have asthma, it’s good to stay away from their way when vaping. Go to another room or outside to vape. Also, you can use small devices that produce fewer vapors.

Smoking cigarette is one of the major risk factors of asthma symptoms. By smoking tobacco, smokers are less likely to control asthma than non-smokers. According to few studies, the combined approach like counseling and e-cigarettes are effective tools to quit smoking as it contains low nicotine content.

The real story on vaping with asthma

A chat conducted with asthmatic ex-vaper and ex-smoker found that vaping did not aggravate the symptoms of asthma and the person never felt big lung filling. Also, inhaler use is reduced constantly compared to smoking.

Whereas smoking tobacco made asthma worse, and the person felt wheezy so much. Also, the ex-smoker found that getting frequent coughs and colds and never felt it again after quitting smoking cigarettes.

Nothing can stop you from vaping even if you have asthma. However, it aggravates the symptoms less likely than smoking cigarettes. Also, vaping is a safe option compared to smoking as there are fewer chances to get health conditions that smoking usually causes.

If you like to add vaping to your smoking cessation plan, it’s ideal to do under the supervision of a healthcare expert.

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