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As a company of precision metallic elements could you give us your take on monozukuri,

As a company of precision metallic elements could you give us your take on monozukuri, and what are the pros of Japanese monozukuri in excess of regional competitors?

Regional competition such as China, Korea and Taiwan have been mastering the Japanese monozukuri system and furnishing it at a much less expensive price tag. Since the 1960s there has been a marriage established among the Precision Metalforming Association, the affiliation in North The usa, and the Japan Metallic Stamping Association, to which I belong. At the 50th anniversary of the affiliation, we investigated the background of how our engineering advanced, and we figured out that essentially, the technologies was learnt from the US and that there was a discussion to close the partnership at a selected stage simply because they mentioned the Japanese experienced discovered ample and caught up with them.

Nonetheless, we had set up a excellent friendship currently, so that romantic relationship is however continuing today. A very similar detail happens when there is success in one particular nation and then other international locations try to replicate that accomplishment. Nevertheless, we as a Japanese organization are incredibly a great deal targeted on the building of human ability. We imagine that by schooling persons we are capable to evolve our engineering.

Looking at the US, it is at this time battling from a weak blue collar workforce because quite a few folks are moving additional to white color careers in the IT marketplace and blue collar workers are still left rather a lot less educated or not skilled ample, but they have high possible so it truly is a subject of coaching. We, at our business, are targeted on creating this human potential so that we can continue to keep strengthening our technological innovation.

We are a loved ones run SME, and the superior thing about a relatives run enterprise is that the spirit and the technologies is handed down totally from prior generations. I acquired this enterprise from my father and I am strictly pursuing what his vision was and a section of that in distinct is maintaining our technological innovation and making on major of it. There may well only be a slight change compared to other countries’ products and solutions but this slight variation in the products makes a huge variation when it arrives to excellent and track record.


The Japanese population has the oldest normal everyday living expectancy in the earth of 85 years. More than 1/3 of the populace is about 65, which suggests a reduced labor power and less need for goods in normal. How has this declining demographic afflicted your firm and how are you reacting to this individual problem?

We are actually battling with this demographic issue. It entails 2 big issues. As you mentioned, one particular is the deficiency of human methods and the other is the shrinkage of the Japanese market place. With the shrinkage of the Japanese market we can compensate for that in overseas marketplaces, and we have proven our factory in Thailand which is progressing properly. Hence we can aim on selling our products in the international market in purchase to overcome the shrinkage of the domestic current market.

The absence of human resources is posing a graver problem. In the earlier, college teachers or specialised engineering university lecturers ended up ready to endorse to us recently graduated pupils and we were being capable to protected fresh new, youthful talented engineers. Having said that, the situation has adjusted and there are now numerous very similar styles of engineering businesses within the prefecture so the competition for new employees is severe.

At the exact time, we’re striving to procure young people today from outdoors the prefecture and we have obtained some from the areas of Kyushu, Nagasaki and Kagoshima, but those prefectures do not want to let their younger, talented generation leave their areas and which is creating it even tougher for us to recruit.

As you talked about, a company’s monozukuri – despite the fact that indispensable – is basically tricky to perceive just at first look so it’s pretty challenging for us to convey how beautiful it is and how pleasing it is to do the job at our business in get to recruit the younger generations. If they realized what they could do at our firm, and how nicely we nurture them, they would be a lot more captivated to us, but conveying this information is incredibly hard and we are struggling with it. Also, it can be not only Japanese staff we are focusing on, we have begun considering recruiting overseas engineers as very well.


Could you give us a transient overview of your most important products? What form of products have you produced a name for in this article in Japan and abroad?

Currently we have three major technologies that we provide. A person is the deep drawing technology which is our company’s power, and this technologies was used to make carburetors that press gas into engines. Initially they have been mechanical but at present they are electronically managed. Conventionally they had been manufactured making use of stamping, but the welding took time so we shifted the production course of action to deep drawing so that we can make them as one device to minimize the output time. We have been capable to evolve our deep drawing technological innovation and use it to battery instances and other electronics connected equipment.

The second technological innovation that we have is the cold forging technological innovation. In the 1990s, carburetors shifted from becoming mechanical to electronically managed, and this was 1st developed by Bosch, and Denso had a partnership with them, and Toyota was calling it an electronic gasoline injector (EFI).

Desire for EFI’s greater and at that time they had been utilizing a regular slicing process to make them. Even so, with that technique, if you drill the substance you have to have bulkier models, and that was wasteful. On top of that, when you drill a gap there are ordinarily bumps and scratches inside of the hole as a outcome. By using the cold forging approach, however, you are equipped to reduce the amount of materials employed, help save time, and also make easy surfaces which is carefully similar to the eventual quality of the item. The gas injectors produced using our chilly forging technological innovation ended up therefore highly appreciated by the sector.

The automotive sector is viewing huge shifts each from classic engines to EV’s but also from heavier elements these as metal to lighter kinds like aluminum. The regular gasoline vehicle involves 15,000 components although EV’s will are produced of 50 % as several. In the case of your company, how are you adapting to this new era of automobiles that are currently being built? What products or technologies are you setting up to be supplying?

To answer your issue, enable me clarify about the third know-how that we have, which is the uneven thickness forging know-how. Commonly, it truly is identified as ‘plate forging’ or ‘coining’ know-how, and this is yet another toughness that we have acquired extensive our accumulated encounter. We have been catering to the automotive field with automotive battery associated areas and we have produced battery instances utilizing our deep drawing engineering, and our uneven thickness forging technological know-how has been used to make the sealing panel for the batteries.

The sealing panel contributes to the security of automotive batteries and prevents batteries exploding in the situation of an emergency. There are a lot of accidents triggered by batteries shorting out exactly where the battery explodes whilst that is not widely documented in the information. The sealing panel was applied to be designed as thin aluminum foil is included on to a pierced region on a metal sheet. This aluminum foil breaks and therefore prevents the battery exploding. We arrived up with the primary item where a single portion of the panel is forged as skinny as aluminum foil so that the sealing panel can be manufactured as a person device.

We experienced essentially purchased a second servo push from AIDA Engineering and we have been imagining about the ideal way to fully benefit from its functionality. At that time there was high need for increased battery security so we related those two and arrived up with this new product. However though we had been equipped to have a sure quantity of success with this products, it has been replicated by other businesses.

We’re now attempting to use the technological know-how we have accrued to new automotive technological innovation. So our a few key aggressive technologies are the deep drawing, the chilly forging, and the uneven thickness forging.


Could you give us an perception into your investigation and improvement? What sort of new tasks are you doing work on or what new products and solutions have you designed that you would like to share, moreover the battery casings?

In terms of exploration and progress, we lately had a significant intellect shift. Customarily we have been more focused in retaining our technological know-how within the firm and trying to keep the know-how so we could evolve by ourselves. Nonetheless, we notice that if we test to do anything on our very own, it would choose time.

By partnering with other providers and combining their technological know-how with ours, we can expedite the process of making new technological know-how fairly than concentrating on just safeguarding the technological know-how, which ultimately would be copied by other organizations.

It’s better to for us to emphasis on building new technology and partnering overtly with other corporations. We’ve lately been functioning closely with customers in phrases of growing expense into developing new technological innovation. Considering the fact that we’re an SME, it can be a big matter for us to make an financial investment so by functioning collectively with clientele, we are able to learn about their requires and the prevailing market place developments, and occasionally they lead to the cost of the investment decision so it is really a pretty very good way for us to evolve alongside one another with these purchasers.

Are you wanting for overseas associates to collaborate with?

At the moment we are not actively hunting for an abroad associate. It truly is suitable to have superior partnerships with neighborhood companies, for example, we have a manufacturing facility in Thailand and each and every month we deliver a variety of equipment and dies for the chilly forging device due to the fact it wears out. We make them in-household in Japan since we have a spouse enterprise which provides us here, but in Thailand we couldn’t discover an adequate tools and dies production business, so we send all of them from Japan. If we could uncover a good companion over there, that would be suitable but it really is not a priority and we haven’t been ready to find one still.


You have been proven in Thailand since 2013, the place you offer cold cast sections for cars. Moving forward, which worldwide destinations or regions would you like to more expand into, and would you be interested in, for case in point, developing bases in Europe to be closer to Continental, to Bosch and Tier 1 suppliers like that?

Personally am not very proactive about increasing abroad. Reflecting again, what brought on us to have our factory in Thailand was the Great Japanese earthquake of 2011. Due to the hazards of obtaining a centralized generation procedure, our client asked for us to have a manufacturing unit in other places. So even if a all-natural disaster happens in one place, the other manufacturing unit can choose in excess of output for BCP (Enterprise Continuity Scheduling) purposes.

Owning a base abroad indicates a ton of do the job both of those for myself and the company. We have to ship 3 experienced the workers to the factory in Thailand to train the locals for about three to 5 many years. Human useful resource administration in an intercontinental business is a major issue and running the variances in society and language is a further hurdle that we have to triumph over.

At the very same time we also need to have to emphasis on domestic developments and investing in the development in the direction of new era cars like EVs. We have to clearly foresee what the development will be and no matter if or not there will be regular growth. Then we can establish the correct engineering. In the limited to mid-phrase, we are as a result more targeted on domestic troubles.

Miyama Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Let’s say we appear again to job interview you again on the previous day of your presidency. What would you like to convey to us about your goals and desires for the organization by that time, and what would you like to have attained by then?

Initial of all, I’m really grateful and appreciative for the job interview. Many thanks to you, I was equipped to mirror back on myself and manage my ideas about the enterprise philosophy and assume about what to discuss about in the job interview and that has been a very good method for myself. As company president, I benefit the organization philosophy, which was created by the former president, and it phone calls for looking through the potential, planning for it, and delivering items for the future. Wanting again at my father, the previous president, he laid the foundations. He did all the groundwork for the shift of carburetors to EFI (Electronic Gasoline Injectors) and he retired after laying those foundations. At the age of 32, I took over the enterprise so at the moment I am retaining and rising the seed that was planted by the previous generations.

As the present president I am trying to plant new seeds for the future generation, not only for the enterprise but for the shoppers that operate intently collectively with us. I am now 58 a long time previous. My son-in-regulation joined the enterprise about a 12 months back and I am telling him that when I transform 70 yrs old he has to be ready to acquire more than the organization as president. I am absolutely sure he has uncovered several things right now by attending this interview, so planting seeds for the future technology, as perfectly as constructing the human capability of the upcoming technology is an important undertaking that I have, and when you occur again for the interview, I hope to have been in a position to comprehend all these factors. In my generation there weren’t so numerous ups and downs, but the upcoming technology might have to encounter bigger shifts.


Staff in Miyama Precision(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.

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